Snorks! (yourmomisgood) wrote in showmehowufeel,

Oh, Cecelia...

Here's a story a wrote a few days ago....enjoy!
The air was light and clean on that early autumn night. The wind blowing into the room making the satin curtains dance like flower petals in a mid-afternoon breeze. The shadows from the willow tree outside the open window swayed back and forth on the oak floor and all around the room. The atmosphere was so magical that I could just float off to sleep but somehow could not manage to do so. I stared out the window, from my bed, up at the moon. It was so bright and so close like a gleaming ivory talisman with little holes where pieces had been chipped off. Ah, Cecelia. How I long to hold you in my arms. You were everything I had. God damn you, Cecelia. I turned away from the window and stared at the opposite side of my bedroom. I glanced up at the shelf where the little porcelain ballerina doll she gave me for Christmas, held its oh-so-special spot. With its little purple ballerina dress casting glares from the street lamp outside. Why did you have to go, Cecelia? We were so happy together. But you left me. Here. Why? I know you're gone, but somehow I can still feel your prescence here. The sweet smell of Magnolia and Chamomile is unmistakeable. I focused so much on imagining her here, that I began to actually see her. Standing there. Wearing her sheer silk camisole hanging down to her ankles. Her beutiful long black hair flowing like a sea of gleaming onyx. Her hands limp at her side with her slender fingers curled into her hand forming a fist. Her face pale like a Japanese kimono girl unsuallay alive. it really you? It can't be you. You're gone. I blink a couple of times and rub my eyes with the back of my hands. But she's still there. She glides across the floor like a gracious ice skater on ice. Gently, she sits on my bed and her words come out cold...piercing through my head like a jagged icicle puncturing though a child's chest. Rebecca, my darling. I cannot leave you without one last good-bye. She reaches up and with the back of her powdery white hand, she gently strokes my cheek. Cecelia, you're dead...You can't be alive. I saw you die! I was there. I watched as the life was drained away from your body. As your head lolled there on my lap. With blood pouring out every opening of your head. Even your you were crying and tears of blood rolled down your cheek. Oh, love.... Before I could speak another word, she held her thin finger to my lips, hushing me and then she kissed me. A feeling of good warmth shot through my body. The taste of Cinammon and Oranges was so familiar. Our tongues played together inside our mouths as everything became dull and disoriented. Our hands caressed our bodies. The touch that we both so longed for a long time now, was finally satisfied. I slid off her white camisole and smiled at her as she stood naked before me. Her beuty was radiant. I admired every curve and every inch of her body. She was so she was drawn by God's hands. Every line so precisely placed on her thin body. I ran my fingers through her velvety hair as she slowly but dramatically unbuttoned my night shirt and slid off my panties. Oh, have returned to me. As we lay there on my bed, feeling eachother's warmth and feeding off eachother's life, she whispers: Rebecca, my sweet, I would never dream of leaving and not saying one last good-bye. I want you to know I love you, Rebecca. And do not mourn me...for now you know I want you to be happy and live your life as you would as if I was still here. And then we kissed. The feeling of her being on top of me was insane. Her fingers swept across my chest and a melting feeling in my pussy responded. Her lips gently tickling my nipples as she slowly placed two fingers inside me. Gently stroking my clitoris and sliding in and out. Everything around us goes spinning into an erotic blur. She fucks me faster and faster bringing me into a state of intense euphoria. Groping my body and licking every inch of my skin. I grasp the sheets and quietly moan. Ohh, Cecelia.....I've missed you. Her tongue fills my mouth and for that one moment my life is glorious. The connection is intense and I manage to wonder how I could ever live without her. All of a sudden, in one quick movement we change positions. She's lying down and I'm on top of her. She gently caresses my breasts and runs her fingers down my stomach. I lean in and kiss her. Tightly pressing my body to her as we kiss deeper. My lips wander down towards her neck. I'm gently kissing and making my way further down. I can hear her breathing and the feeling of her body inhaling and exhaling turns me on even further. As I kiss below her bellybutton and her pussy, she sighs and groans. Oh, Cecelia, my precious. I spread open her labia and lick inside. Her juices taste sweet and make me linger for more. I feel myself come in a trance. I can not stop. I lick and suck and fuck her with my tongue and with every movement of my tongue inside her, her moans become louder and stronger. Until finally they become screams. I lay beside her and we hug eachother. We stare at eachother for a while. Her smiling face shining upon mine like the sun which shines upon the daisies up at Coppercova Hills. I love you, Cecelia. I've always loved you. Ever since I first saw you that day at Jeremy's house. I knew you loved me then as well. It was irrelevant that we would end up together. Oh, Cecelia. As my eyes got dosed with sleep and I felt my eyelids getting heavy, I heard her speak: Rebecca...I love you. I'll always love you. But I must go now. And when you die, I'll be waiting up in heaven for you. I'll be there saving you a seat next to me. But for now....I want you to be happy. Good-bye Rebecca, my love. And as she starts to fade away, I begin to doze off into sleep. Good-bye, Cecelia....good-bye.
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